Grand Dragon Casino 2022, Real Casino in Singapore
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Grand Dragon Casino

Grand Dragon Casino is among Asia’s most popular digital casino gaming companies. Bearing in mind the popularity of this entity and the thrills of GDC gaming online; 90agency is thrilled to partner with Grand Dragon Casino to bring the best of digital casino gaming to Singapore.

Actual brick and mortar casinos in Singapore are rare, entry charges are often high, and ordinary Singaporeans may not find any of these as viable opportunities for casino gaming. However, 90agency in partnership with Grand Dragon Casino, truly makes casino gaming accessible to all. Exciting, thrilling, and enthralling; the GDC experience on the 90agency platform, is definitely something to look forward to.

What is the GDC Experience

Casinos are popular gambling hotspots in many parts of the world. However, casinos which can often be expensive and exclusive, may not be easily accessible to the average Singaporean.

Even then, statistics based on a survey of 3000 Singaporeans in 2017, suggest that up to 52% of adults, including citizens and permanent residents in Singapore; participate in gambling activities. Bearing this in mind; it is easy to see how Grand Dragon Casino in partnership with 90agency, is meeting a very real need for the thrills and excitement of gambling in Singapore.

90agency has partnered with GDC for the express purpose of making casino gambling accessible to all. There are no high entry fees, or elements of exclusivity that limit the outreach of the GDC experience. In fact, Grand Dragon Casino curates a digital casino experience that is accessible by anyone with access to the internet, and a digital device, on the 90agency platform.

The GDC experience is combination of traditional casino games such as Poker, Baccarat, Roulette, and Blackjack, slot games, and new-age casino games, all in a digital avatar for unlimited, anytime, and anywhere access. The digital nature of the GDC experience, not only draws in avid long-time casino enthusiasts, but even those that are new to the thrills and excitement of casino gaming.

Accredited and Licensed

For Singaporeans with an affinity for casino gaming; it is reassuring to know that the Grand Dragon Casino experience is accredited and licensed by the Cambodian government. As such, this is a reputed online gaming entity that 90agency is proud to be associated with.

Furthermore, the 90agency platform is SSL-encrypted for the protection and security of all casino gamer data. This level of safety is among the many reasons why Singaporeans flock to 90agency to enjoy the Grand Dragon Casino experience.

The GDC Experience Summarized

In short, the Grand Dragon Casino experience can be summarized as…

  • A thrilling mix of new-age and traditional casino games in their digital avatars
  • Safe and secure digital casino gaming
  • Big winnings with online casino in Singapore
  • Easy accessibility for anyone with access to the internet through a digital device

It must be noted though, that Singaporeans are not exempt from fraudulent online platforms that claim to curate the Grand Dragon Casino experience. For an authentic Grand Dragon Casino experience; trust only